Check Out The Possible Monster, Netflix Releases New Images

Stranger Things doesn't return until Halloween (which is still over eight months away), but we're slowly getting more and more clues on what's coming up next for the series.

We've written before about how much fun it was to discover Stranger Things previous year when it arrived on Netflix with limited fanfare and became a phenomenon overnight.

"Are you sure it wasn't something you ate?" With so many cliffhangers left behind in the season finale, fans are excited to see what lies ahead in the next installment. And according to the duo, they have thought about how many seasons of the show they'd ultimately like to make, telling EW that the sweet spot they're now considering is four or five.

"Everything changes as we move forward so we'll see", says Ross. Shows that outrun their relevance end up being distant memories-things you sometimes don't want to remember anymore. They might have a number of ideas behind running the show, but fans would rather enjoy it for a short series rather than a long one. "You wanna end when you're on top", he said.

Just like the original installment, the Duffer brothers want "Stranger Things" Season 2 to be like one long movie.

As was the case with Season 1, the second season will tell a self-contained story, though it'll surely end with teases for what's coming up next.

Netflix has recently released first ever images of "Stranger Things" season two along with a full trailer. However, he added that they have "laid the groundwork for further seasons". They seem to be freaked out as they turn to look at something in the back of Jonathan's auto.

However, the big question "Stranger Things" Season 2 will answer is if these imageries Will is seeing are real or not.