Akhilesh sharpens attack on BJP, PM

  • Akhilesh sharpens attack on BJP, PM

Akhilesh sharpens attack on BJP, PM

"Akhilesh should remember that the Congress was behind the attack. for power, you (Akhilesh) chose to join hands with those who had attacked your father. are there sons like that? The state government is such a deep sleep, that they are not even spending the money allocated for feeding the poor in orphanage", he said.

The Prime Minister was referring to the alliance struck between the Samajwadi Party and the Congress ahead of the UP Assembly elections. "Mulayam knew this", the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a blistering attack on the Samajwadi Party (SP) government on Monday and accused Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav of hounding and harassing honest officials. "Can the Chief Minster answer why was it not probed?" he added. "Development is going down, women security is going down, farmer well-being and employment is also down, road conditions are down", he added. "Although BSP ruled in Uttar Pradesh and made some mistakes, my respect for her is intact".

Modi's BJP hopes to defeat two heavyweight regional parties but will struggle to replicate its general election result, when it polled 42 percent of the vote and won 71 of 80 constituencies in the battleground state. "I have an idea, I am going to turn your money into mere paper", said Rahul Gandhi. The Congress has one leg tied to SP and another to BSP.

However, Akhilesh seemed in no hurry to endorse the Prime Minister's take on his equation with Mayawati whom he calls buaji (father's sister) in jest in his poll speeches.

Final results on March 11 in Uttar Pradesh and four other state elections will deliver voters' first verdict on Modi's shock decision in November to withdraw 86 percent of the cash in circulation. "BJP's success in elections indicates the poor is supporting us", Modi said.

Polling on these seats will take place on February 19.