'The Bachelor': Corinne's caper backfires, Raven gets a rose

When looking at all of the contestants at the beginning of each season of The Bachelor, a viewer can usually spot the frontrunners.

Vanessa gets a one on one, making Corrine jealous-and bloated? Eight weeks into his journey as "The Bachelor", he's cut the cast down from 30 women to four and is preparing to head home to meet the parents.

Corinne chose to spontaneously show up at Nick's hotel room to introduce him to her "platinum vagine", as a last-ditch effort to score a hometown date. But as Danielle readies to pour her heart out to Nick, decides she's not The One and breaks it off. Danielle gets the next one-on-one date.

Despite Corinne's success this season, she has never had a one-on-one with Nick. Nick cozied up with Kristina and gave the group date rose to Raven, which made Corinne feel "very insecure" and "self conscious" for the first time. Nick put sunscreen on Kristina, Corinne put sunscreen on Nick, Corinne also put sunscreen on Corinne (she also referred to herself in the third person five times over the course of the episode) and Raven, without a partner, presumably got sunburned.

On the first date of the night, Vanessa Grimaldi is invited to "go deeper" with Nick, which no doubt makes Corinne jealous in a big way.

And one final time (apart from the After the Final Rose episode, probably, and our nightmares) we must heart that Corinne has a heart of a gold and a vagine of platinum. Oh no, this can't end well.

When Nick arrived, the women formed a line to give him weak hugs, bracing themselves for a mass breakup. It takes one to know one!

Afterward, The Bachelor star ended up saying goodbye to Danielle Maltby on their second one-on-one date together. She's sweet, pretty and caught Nick's eye from the start. The two of them got onto a boat and headed towards an old shipwreck sight. Vanessa chose to take the plunge and told Nick "I am falling in love with you". She is hurt and thinks she will end up where Nick has been before.

And just when Nick thought it couldn't get any worse than last week, tempers flare between the girls who are hoping to get a rose so they can move on to the hometown dates next week. He must just be sick of having to dress up for a rose ceremony because he seems to avoid them at all costs.

It might be hard to believe, but after tonight's episode of The Bachelor the day before Valentine's Day, Nick Viall's group of potential loves will be narrowed down to four!

In an unexpected twist, we learned that Rachel Lindsay is The Bachelorette for the coming season, an unprecedented spoiler by ABC. The final four are revealed to be Corinne, Raven, Rachel and Vanessa.

Behind closed doors, Nick rejected her major pass. If it's true, can we just skip to Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, please?

Kristina argued that Nick hadn't given her a chance, but he told her he had stronger relationships with the other women and "you deserve someone who doesn't sit in front of you and say there are stronger relationships". Again, a nice gesture but very anticlimactic. In the teaser for next week's episode, it seems like Nick might still send another women home and only visit three hometowns. "I want to get all there", Nick triumphed. But was there ever any way the producers were going to let Corinne slip through their fingers without first taking us to Miami to meet Raquel?