DeVos confirmation as ed secretary rankles electeds

  • DeVos confirmation as ed secretary rankles electeds

DeVos confirmation as ed secretary rankles electeds

Video released by ABC shows the protestor blocking DeVos, who then returns to her vehicle.

Protestors literally blocked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's plan to visit a public school and begin mending fences with teachers after a highly contentious confirmation battle.

The protesters who blocked Mrs. DeVos were reportedly not affiliated with the parent-teacher demonstration at the front of the school, which was organized by the Washington Teacher's Union.

WJLA's Tim Barber reported that DC Police arrested a male protester for assault on an officer, and that police were investigating allegations that DeVos was also assaulted.

DeVos' nomination was stalled at a 50-50 tie in the Senate until fellow Republican and Vice President, Mike Pence, cast the deciding vote in her favour.

Weingarten herself tweeted: "We don't condone such acts". The Education Secretary should have had experience working in, or at the very least with, the public school system before running it.

Sullivan worries whether or not the district will loose its Title 1 funding, which is money from the Department of Education that goes toward schools with a high amount of students from low-income families to ensure they are meeting state education standards.

The video of angry demonstrators chanting shame at her, however, will live forever.

"I'm glad to see she's finally in a public school", Davis said, "because she's never set foot in one, according to what I've heard". "Please let her in".

Mrs DeVos - a billionaire who has spent three decades lobbying for private school vouchers, charter schools and other alternatives to traditional public schools - was one of President Trump's most controversial Cabinet picks and barely won confirmation.

"I was disappointed, but I was not surprised", Peter Bastian, United School Administrators of Kansas President, said. That she now oversees our national public school system is sick and paradoxical, so much so that her nomination was contested more fervently than the racist who was up for Attorney General.

"The academic rank of MI students compared with peers in other states has dropped dramatically since DeVos's biggest policy victories: the expansion of charter schools (most run by for-profit companies), and breaking down barriers to students attending schools outside their home district, known as school choice", MLive, the online consortium of Michigan's top newspapers, wrote in December. It was DeVos's first visit to a public school since being sworn-in this week.