Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impersonation fools newspaper

A newspaper in the Dominican Republic meant to run a photo of President Trump but accidentally ran a photo of Alec Baldwin doing his impression of Trump on Saturday Night Live instead.

The picture of Baldwin appeared online Friday next to a photo of Benjamin Netanyahu, current Prime Minister of Israel, in an article about Trump's position on Israeli conflicts.

During the game, Baldwin attempted to convince Fallon that his box contained "a big fat, juicy burrito from Honduras", said in his Trump voice, made famous on Saturday Night Live.

Trump has criticised Balwin before and regarded the SNL "unwatchable!", we are not sure if he came across this major mistake.

"El Nacional apologizes to its readers and anyone who felt affected" by the error, it said.

Relevant to your professional network? The 58-year-old actor has portrayed Trump since the beginning of season 42, mocking the president for his perceived cluelessness, inexperience, unstable temperament and general lack of knowledge when it comes to politics.

While SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels has long insisted the late-night comedy show doesn't take sides, and always aims to lampoon whoever is president, the show has been more biting with some leaders than others.

"I'm right, they're wrong", Baldwin's Trump insisted in the sketch.

Be it "Skywalker" Mark Hamill recording Donald Trump's Twitter rant against Meryl Streep as the Joker or Alec Baldwin mimicking the POTUS on SNL, people and artists can't have enough of Trump-trolling.

"I want the ban reinstated", Baldwin's Trump tells the People's Court judge, played by Cecily Strong.

He also referred to federal judges as "so-called judges" and brought out a character witness, a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin, played by Beck Bennett.

Assuming the media reports are accurate that last Saturday's SNL depiction of Spicer got under Trump's skin since a woman was playing Spicer, then the next moment of the cold open must really have angered Trump. Perhaps as a sly response to the rumor that Trump was irked by Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer sketch because she's a woman, Leslie Jones threw her ring in the hat to play Trump once Baldwin inevitably grows tired of the task. "Lay off President Trump, OK?" However, it's likely that once Trump views the episode, he will generate headlines with whatever tweet he decides to sent out to his 24.6 million followers.