Anti-Semitic Valentine at Republican student event sparks outrage

  • Anti-Semitic Valentine at Republican student event sparks outrage

Anti-Semitic Valentine at Republican student event sparks outrage

The student group immediately apologized for the incident while simultaneously distancing itself from the incident by claiming it was a mistake.

One found its way into the hands of a student who opened the envelope to discover a picture of Adolf Hitler accompanied with the message: "My love for you burns like 6,000 Jews".

"Unfortunately, a very inappropriate card was placed into a bag without other members' knowledge", the apology read.

'Such hurtful, offensive language, while protected by the First Amendment, is unacceptable and is not consistent with our values and standards.

Hadley Platek, a CMU Student said, "I was shocked". From there, it was posted on social media and circulated around the campus. The member with that bag unknowingly gave it to non-members, according to the student-run newspaper, Central Michigan Life.

"At tonight's [Wednesday] College Republican meeting, we had a Valentine's Day party, in which each member decorated a bag and other members placed valentines inside of others' bags".

Flynn said the card came from a printed page of pre-designed Valentine's Day card memes, and that the member who shared the card didn't create it.

Ross also said that multiple university entities were taking part in a "review" of the situation to determine which steps to take next.

The card made reference to "6,000 Jews" who perished in the Holocaust when in fact it is estimated that 6 million Jews were systematically persecuted and killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website. He issued a statement making it clear that the university and administration does not under any circumstance condone such anti-Semitism and apologized for any offense that's been taken.

Evan Whittenbach, Lead Organizer at Central Michigan Action said, "While we don't know all the details of this, we're not going to protest the actual, this specific instant".

CMU students held a rally against hate speech on Thursday, which some Republican students attended.

"I think it's definitely shocking but at the same time I think that no, that is not who we are at this institution".

Additional university officials commented on the incident as well.