President Trump to visit MacDill AFB today

"We strongly support North Atlantic Treaty Organisation", said Trump, who spoke with the organization's secretary general over the weekend.

While Conway said she misspoke, Cosmopolitan magazine reported on Monday (6 February) that "it wasn't the first time she used the words "Bowling Green massacre" in an on-the-record conversation with a reporter". "We love our country", Trump said.

Centcom oversaw a recent raid by U.S. special operations forces on an al Qaeda compound in Yemen, the first military operation authorised by Trump.

President Donald Trump is making his first visit to the headquarters for U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command.

During the campaign, Trump pledged to put additional resources into the military, including building more ships.

"We had a wonderful election, didn't we?"

Trump also sought to assuage concerns of some national security officials about the US commitment to its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

Trump once dismissed the trans-Atlantic military alliance as "obsolete", and he would decide whether to protect Nato countries against Russian aggression based on whether those countries "have fulfilled their obligations to us".

He said all countries part of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation must start to fully commit their proper financial contributions to the alliance, because it has been "unfair" to the United States in the past. "Many of them have not been even close", he told the commanders.

The air base visit also follows a Navy SEAL raid against al Qaeda in Yemen, which is part of Central Command's responsibility. Gallego said in a phone interview after the speech.

Trump tweeted early Monday: "I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it".

"You've been lacking a little equipment, we're going to load it up".