What dog breed won best in show the year you were born?

  • What dog breed won best in show the year you were born?

What dog breed won best in show the year you were born?

The American Hairless Terrier, the Pumi and the Sloughi will all take part for the first time in 2017. While some people might do double-takes at hairless dogs, "I actually just like unusual things", says Sue Medhurst of Stafford, Va., who is planning to show the allergy-friendly dogs at Westminster. They can compete among as many as 202 breeds and varieties for the coveted Best in Show award.

The Westminster Dog Kennel Club Show is including three new dog breeds this year and adding a few feline friends into the mix.

And the American hairless terrier, derived from the Rat Terrier breed.

Cats had been featured in the Meet the Breeds section in the past, but will be featured on the program for the first time in the 140-year history of the prestigious dog competition this year, Today reported.

Meet Zsa Zsa the pumi. She's a Pumi, which the AP calls an "ancient Hungarian herding breed".

International Business Times' Jason Le Miere said that while the breeds will make their debut at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show, they are known among dog lovers.

Highlights of the breed judging and obedience competition also will be broadcast live on Nat Geo WILD from 2 to 4 p.m. February 13 and 14. Sloughis retain a yen for chasing yard animals and often are shy with strangers, but they bond closely with their human families as pets, says owner Julie tenBensel of Bolingbrook, Illinois. In order for the AKC to recognize a breed, there must be several several hundred dogs of the breed nationwide.

About Westminster Kennel Club: The Westminster Kennel Club is America's oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs.

Some animal-rights organizations, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), are staunchly critical of dog breeding, pointing out the millions of dogs in need of adoption.

In addition to the traditional breed judging, these three new breeds will face competitions in agility and obedience this year.