Moose on the loose after falling through a basement window

Police say the window opened and the moose was able to push its way through.

The Blaine County Sheriff's Office posted a photo on Facebook showing the cow moose standing in the basement.

An Idaho family received quite a surprise on Sunday when they discovered a moose in their basement.

An Idaho Fish and Game officer attends to the moose after it was tranquilized. The moose was having none of it, charging the officers several times. In Idaho, officials are offering emergency rations to big game including elk.

Another officer was called in around 3 a.m. with tranquilizers to sedate the animal.

An Idaho Fish and Game worker sedated the giant creature, who calmed down next to a giant Bob Marley wall hanging, The Washington Post noted.

"It's not something we deal with a lot, but we know how to deal with the situation", Hailey Police officer Michael Shelamer told the Statesman.

The 600-pound animal was carried up the stairs and out the front door to freedom - then got up and ran off about 15 minutes later.

Ms Emerick said eight officers carried the approximately 600lb (270kg) animal up the stairs.

According to Blaine County Sheriff's Office, deep snows in Idaho bring wildlife close to homes in the search for food.