Donald Trump orders 'great rebuilding' of USA military

Trump campaigned on promises to defeat Daesh "in a month" and repeatedly suggested that the reason the fight had dragged out so long was that U.S. military capabilities were being somehow hamstrung.

"The current readiness crisis is the outcome of years of budget cuts and neglect".

"As we prepare our budget request I think Congress is going to be very happy to see it".

USA forces have carried out more than 200 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria since Trump's inauguration, roughly the same pace as during the waning days of the Obama administration.

But what I do know from talking to defense officials is that they may remove some of the restrictions put in place by the Obama administration.

Any shifts by the US military would have broad repercussions for USA relationships across the Middle East, which were strained by former President Barack Obama's effort throughout his administration to limit US military involvement in Iraq and Syria. The other executive order will put in place "new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorist out of the United States of America", Trump said.

Increases in military spending, coupled with Trump's promises to drastically lower taxes on corporations and the rich, must inevitably be paid for by cuts to education, health care and infrastructure, and by plundering Social Security and Medicare. "We will honour them not only with our words, but with our actions, and that's what we're doing today", said Trump flanked by Defence Secretary Gen (rtd) James Mattis and the Vice President Mike Pence.

Obama's administration found itself for years battling accusations of micromanaging the wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

The president is putting it on paper to send a message, said the official. He also has said the Navy should build 78 more submarines and ships and that the Air Force should have 100 combat aircraft. "He likes action", Trump said.

The US now has 5,000 troops in Iraq and 500 in Syria as "advisers" - but also artillery and aircraft to help in the fight.

There was also speculation that the U.S. could bolster the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

Trump has already signed executive orders to commence building a boarder wall along the Mexican border and barred travel from seven Islamic nations. Under the plan, Syria's refugees would be placed in what would be, in all but name, US-administered camps, overseen by the United States military.