Sen. Chuck Schumer 'worries' when it comes to Trump and facts

  • Sen. Chuck Schumer 'worries' when it comes to Trump and facts

Sen. Chuck Schumer 'worries' when it comes to Trump and facts

Democrats say that they would support Trump with this plan if he were to adopt it, though Republican leaders have already denounced the plan as an "economic stimulus program" similar to the one Congress passed in 2009, according to the Associated Press.

Schumer told The Post last October that as a Senate leader, one of his primary home-state issues would be to find ways to direct federal transportation dollars to the NY metropolitan region. "If he does, we'll work with him on this".

May is scheduled to visit Trump on Friday, the day after she meets with both the House and Senate Republican conferences.

Initially, Schumer was all about finding areas of cooperation with the Trump administration and creating a "big tent" policy, but it didn't take much for Schumer to learn that Democratic constituents aren't interested in playing nice. The goal: "deny the majority legislative wins while positioning Democrats as the party that can work with Trump to get stuff done". Alas, this theory rests upon numerous assumptions that are nearly certainly false.

"President Trump campaigned on rebuilding the infrastructure", Sanders said. But congressional Republicans are pushing for a different kind of infrastructure plan - one reliant on public-private partnerships and corporate tax credits, The Hill reported.

Citing a pledge to cut taxes and regulation, Trump pushes the chief executives of General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV to boost USA production and employment. The infrastructure bill would provide the sweet bipartisan coating to the bitter pill of his otherwise orthodox right-wing agenda. Democrats protested the move, but Trump did not object. "And we're challenging President Trump to support our plan". Debbie Stabenow. "It has been Republicans in the House and Senate blocking that". It is true that they stonewalled any such plan during President Obama's tenure.

But Republicans have long opposed attempt to spur the economy through government spending - especially with $20 trillion in federal debt.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. A bit of time will be required to reprogram the Fox News and talk-radio audience.

On Thursday, May will become the first foreign leader to join the Republican huddle in Pennsylvania as they devise their 2017 agenda. That is simply not how voters think.

"If it's not paid for, if it's not fiscally responsible, it's just not going to make it through this Congress", Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, told Fox Business Network on Tuesday. "It depends on how they're going to pay for it".

If Trump wants to rebuild the nation's transportation system, "it's got to be bold, large, it's got to have new spending, new expenditures", Schumer added. And they would complicate a tax code that Trump has vowed to simplify.

$200 billion for "vital infrastructure projects".

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and several other Democrats have joined together with a plan to spend almost $1 trillion dollars to improve the nation's infrastructure.