Democrats' call for second hearing for Betsy DeVos rejected

  • Democrats' call for second hearing for Betsy DeVos rejected

Democrats' call for second hearing for Betsy DeVos rejected

Accountability is a major theme among school reformers. DeVos assured her that she would support all great schools, including public ones - which implied that failing ones may be shut down. She earned a bachelor's degree in comparative literature while also benefitting from the university's required courses in science, math, art, philosophy, and politics. I believe school choice matters and has a role to play in reforming the education system. Incidentally, these charters, while far from ideal, have shown much better results than comparable public schools, as three independent studies, including by Stanford's CREDO, have shown. Rather, it was the moment when Senator Tim Kaine pressed DeVos on the issue of disabled students in US schools. They also consistently registered displeasure with Alexander's handling of the hearing, during which he limited questioning of DeVos to one round, with five minutes allotted for each senator. "And I support Chairman Alexander's decision to give us an additional week to peruse the additional information that arrived last week from OGE". "DeVos, who bridges two powerful and wealthy conservative families, has been a prolific Republican donor for decades", the authors write. She will not advocate for our kids, but she will advocate for the owners of for-profit schools as she did when president of the for-profit school lobbying group, the American Federation for Children. In fact, she declared relatively early that Trump did not "represent the Republican Party" and never retracted that statement. "They lose funding in public schools, and then Teachers leave because [schools] can't afford it, there's a Teacher shortage because no one wants to work there, and kids aren't being educated". Why not nominate Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, an institution that receives zero federal funding?

It's largely the left, after all, who have abandoned classrooms and left schoolchildren with nowhere to go when they don't get their way in the form of cushy pensions and extravagant benefits packages. She taught high school chemistry in the Chicago public schools for 22 years.

The last cabinet nominee to be formally rejected was Senator John Tower, George H.W. Bush's pick for secretary of defense, in 1989. She hasn't - so what was the point of this question except to portray her as a religious zealot hell-bent on bringing her "overtly Christian agenda to Washington" - as per a 20-page screed by Politico - and besmirch her passion for school choice as a ploy to turn over schools to Christian churches? How are they "remarkably civic-minded people?" Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, asked about her family's experiences with college loans, then noted that Trump a year ago paid a $25 million settlement to students of Trump University who complained that they didn't get what they paid for. Nonsense like this is taking place in public schools all over America. DeVos has spent her career privatizing public education. The commitment of the tens of millions of people participating in National School Choice Week because they care about education can make this possible, too. The Department of Education's final report on the program concluded that "The Program significantly improved students' chances of graduating from high school and parents were more satisfied and felt school was safer if their child was offered or used an OSP scholarship".

Murray, The Times said, took that as DeVos' not being willing to commit. Preserving the status quo. Sen. If public education is flirting with going private, we need to have clear eyes and open minds.