Donald Trump Forced to Surrender Android Phone for Secure Device

Trump has made clear that he intends to continue tweeting in the White House, and he spends a lot of time talking on the phone - a source of irritation to aides who try to keep Trump on script.

As Trump gains the US Presidency today, he's reportedly lost something in the transition: his Android phone.

The whole world is watching as the "big league" change at the helm of the United States and the White House is right around the corner, but numerous smaller changes remain out of the spotlights.

Unlike Trump, Obama wasn't known to place or receive calls on his own phone, and all calls were routed through the official White House switchboard instead.

With just days before his inauguration, the president-elect was handed a new locked-down device, just like his predecessor.

A New York Times report of the exchange stated that Trump swapped his "Android phone for a secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service with a new number that few people possess".

It's unclear if he's following in President Barack Obama's footsteps by adopting a modified, secure BlackBerry.

The Associated Press had Trump's old phone number, and says that when it called it it was unanswered. "Nobody knows who it is that's calling when I'm calling". Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got Trump's cellphone number from the golfer Greg Norman. While the new device certainly improves security for the new president, it could impact his frequent use of the social media site Twitter. Trump's criticism of Streep dominated the news the following day, overshadowing his team's planned agenda.

To send his first tweet in 2015, Obama had to borrow an iPhone registered to his staff.

A Trump spokesman could not be reached to confirm the reports. They haven't heard back, said Carrie Christoffersen, the museum's curator of collections.