Hundreds of Thousands of Skittles Spilled on to County Highway

A flatbed truck was carrying a cardboard down a rainy highway in Wisconsin.

Dodge County Sheriff's deputies came across an unusual sight just before 9 p.m. Deputies found hundreds of thousands of Skittles across the road near Blackbird Road. The road was completely covered in red Skittles.

DODGE COUNTY (WKOW) -- There was a sea of pink on County Highway S in Dodge County Tuesday night.

They also put a sweet scent in the air every time someone drives by.

"Taste the Rainbow" is the Skittles slogan.

But it turns out these were skittles-rejects that were not good enough for packaging. Plus, they say, it smells like candy when you drive on it. An ex-farmer says sweets found not good enough for human consumption often become "cheap carbs" for cattle.

Cattle ranchers sometimes use candies as a cheaper alternative to corn. Dodge County Highway workers were called in to clean up the candy-coated shells - packed with non-road worthy ingredients like sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, tapioca dextrin, sodium citrate and carnauba wax.