Rhode Island sisters taken in 1985 found alive

  • Rhode Island sisters taken in 1985 found alive

Rhode Island sisters taken in 1985 found alive

More than 30 years after police say Elaine Yates kidnapped her two children, investigators announced they arrested the Warwick woman and located her daughters.

Officials say Kimberly and Kelly Yates were taken from Warwick, Rhode Island by their mother on August 26, 1985.

The next day, Russell Yates filed a missing persons report with the Warwick Police Department.

Police said a felony warrant for child snatching was issued on November 16, 1988.

Kimberly was 10 months old and big sis Kimberly aged three when they were snatched.

Elaine Yates was living in the Houston area under the name of Leina L. Waldberg and appeared in a Texas courtroom Tuesday where she voluntarily agreed to return to Rhode Island.

"I've always been trying to find my children". The sisters will decide whether they want to be reunited with him, police said. After confirming her true identity, the mother, who is now 69 years old, was charged.

Officials say they were found in Houston, Texas. They have families of their own, according to their father.

"And now at least its up to them to get in touch with me".

Yates, authorities said, was "relieved" to know that his daughters had finally been located.

The elder Yates waived extradition and is on her way back to Rhode Island, where she will be arraigned sometime Wednesday, Philbin said.

Philbin said the two women were given their father's contact information.

Yates won legal custody of his children in Rhode Island courts in the 1980s, but has not seen them in 31 years.