Jamie Foxx mocks reports of being involved in brawl

TMZ posted the disturbing footage from Saturday night, where the actor and some friends were dining when a fellow diner approached the table to complain they were being too loud. "I'm from NY", at which point someone in Jamie's group shot back with, "F*ck you, I'm from Oakland".

Apparently, someone in Foxx's crew didn't care what city the man was reppin' and replied, "F*** you I'm from Oakland". The man lunged at Foxx, which is where stories from witnesses begin to contradict one another.

The restaurant, naturally, sided with Jamie and kicked the guy out (remember, this is Hollywood).

Jamie Foxx addresses his weekend brawl in an Instagram video.

'But if you want to see me whoop some a**, y'all know what you gotta do (pans to Sleepless film poster) - come check me. "I was just trying to keep my eye on things", Foxx explained before jokingly revealing a crossed eye. I know y'all heard about this s**t and saw some videos. "I'm just f**king with you all", he adds. One witness says the man made contact with Foxx and pulled him down onto the table. He went to say that everything is alright and they don't want any violence. The witness goes on to say Jamie turned the guy around, put him in a choke hold and took him down.

Other celebs were also allegedly in the building during the fight, including Jerry Bruckheimer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Michael Bay, and Nicole Murphy, according to TMZ.