Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking their beef to Dubai

MIKE TYSON has recorded a diss track towards Soulja Boy ahead of the rapper's celebrity boxing match with Tyson's trainee, Chris Brown. The fight was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, but thanks to a slew of rules and regulations, including a mandatory drug test that neither could pass, the fight has been moved to an overseas location. Online odds maker Bovada lists Brown as the favorite going off at -160.

While it may be a pain to have to travel to another country to fight, Chris and Soulja Boy reportedly think it will be totally worth it - in more ways than one. While these two would love to hold their boxing match in Vegas, there are some major reasons why CB and Breezy are considering taking their fight to Dubai! Floyd Mayweather appeared on ESPN's First Take today (Jan. 11) and provided a reality check for everyone getting excited about the bout.

I guess Tyson's rapping is about as on-point as Soulja Boy's boxing. I just got off the phone with Iron Mike Tyson and Iron Mike is going to train Chris Brown.

Mayweather announced a fight between Brown and Soulja on Instagram, but he probably did it before really checking in with the logistics.

Oddsmakers have since pegged Brown as the favorite because Tyson also posted to Instagram saying he's "gonna teach [Brown] every dirty trick in the book to knockout Soulja Boy".