Mark Hamill reads Donald Trump's New Year's tweet in flawless Joker voice

Thanks to Mark Hamill, the world now has an answer.

A few hours later, Hamill, who is the voice of the Joker in many animated Batman shows and movies, tweeted this clever audio clip and read Trump's New Year's Eve tweet in his Joker voice. Get it? It's all very meta.

If you weren't aware, Mark has been the voice of the iconic DC Comics villain in a series of animated films and video games since 1992 - and he's even won a BAFTA for his efforts.

Gotta be honest - the quote has more flair coming from the Joker.

On Saturday, Hamill retweeted Oswalt's tweet and then shared a recording of himself reading the tweet as the Joker.

Hamill seems to have been inspired by writer and actor Matt Oswalt, who mused on Twitter that someone should create an App that transforms Trump's tweets into Hamill's voice for the Joker.

But Hamill, always known to be at one with "The Force" against the dark side, spotted the message and immediately agreed - poking fun at the President-elect's ties to Russian Federation in the process.

"As soon as I figure out how to tweet soundbites, I'd LOVE to", he tweeted.

Case in point, Trump's now infamous New Year's tweets.

"The fact that it's labeled "#1" indicates that there are more of these to come.