Flagstaff officer resigns after being caught on camera punching a woman

  • Flagstaff officer resigns after being caught on camera punching a woman

Flagstaff officer resigns after being caught on camera punching a woman

3 p.m. A report released by the Northern Arizona University Police Department assigned to investigate Flagstaff police officer seen on video punching a woman calls one of the punches "completely unnecessary and unreasonable for the situation".

Treadway said he met with Bonar and told him that after review, it was recommended that he be terminated from his job with Flagstaff PD - Bonar resigned in favor of being fired.

Arizona cop Jeff Bonar was seen striking Marissa Morris, 31, in November after she resisted arrest at her home.

The footage, shot and posted to Facebook in November, shows the 28-year-old officer strike a woman in the face with a closed fist.

Mohave County prosecutors will decide whether Bonar will face charges for punching a woman in the face in an incident captured on video, authorities said Wednesday.

"She had a warrant a few weeks ago", witness Jimmy Sedillo said shortly after the incident. He had been on paid administrative leave while police internal affairs and criminal investigations were conducted.

Morris was then ushered into a police vehicle and later charged with aggravated assault of a police officer although she was later cleared of all charges.

"It does not appear that the level of force used in this case is reasonable, or immediately necessary to make the arrest", O'Hagan wrote.

His employers at the Flagstaff Police Department said he violated six policies in the incident.

Bonar submitted his resignation, the AP reported, prior to a scheduled meeting with department heads, during which they were set to discuss his termination from the force.

"Bonar's conduct is not reflective of the way we police this community", Flagstaff Police Chief Kevin Treadway said at a news conference.

Treadway did also go on to say that the situation could have been diffused if the officer had listened when Morris said she had no warrants but added that Morris was also "uncooperative" and should have provided her name and date of birth to be run in the computer system to verify the warrant information.