18 people stuck on California amusement ride

The tourists and fun-seekers on the slow-moving ride are most likely hungry, claustrophobic and badly in need of a bathroom, but Orange County Fire authorities and park officials have both said they are not in danger.

Knott's Berry Farm made several attempts to lower the attraction for 3 hours before calling fire officials.

Check back for updates on this developing story. In a statement to CBS News, Knotts Berry Farm said there were no injuries. Fire crews initially tried to use a crane to bring the people down, but eventually opted to lower each passenger one-by-one with a rope and harness system.

Eighteen adventure seekers at Knott's Berry Farm got a taste of real-life terror Friday as they were stranded for hours 125 feet above the ground aboard a malfunctioning ride.

Local fire crews are now working to rescue the trapped passengers by climbing to the top of the ride and rappelling each guest down to safety.

20 passengers and one operator were stuck on the Sky Cabin ride. The ride is fully enclosed and is more like being in a room than on a ride.

Women and Children were rescued first with rescue efforts starting around 7:30pm.

The Sky Cabin ride at Knott's Berry Farm has gotten stuck in the past, before the remodel.

The cause behind the fault is unknown at this time.