Mall evacuated as police look for possible gunman

A 28-year-old Green Bay man threatened to shoot up the Fox River Mall on Tuesday night after arguing with a woman he was dating, according to a criminal complaint.

Police are looking for 28-yr-old Christopher Hawkins.

Business was back to normal at the Fox River Mall Wednesday.

Hawkins is facing a charge for making terrorist threats with the use of a risky weapon.

The complaint reveals that Hawkins had been in an argument with his girlfriend the night of the threat, which prompted an evacuation of the mall.

Hundreds of shoppers at a mall in eastern Wisconsin were evacuated after police got a call that an armed man could possibly be in the building. Prosecutors are working to get him extradited to Outagamie County. The man was not found during a subsequent search of the mall.

Hawkins' girlfriend stated that he pulled out a handgun and said he was going to kill himself.

Afterwards, she says she spoke with Hawkins again on the phone when Hawkins said he was going to "shoot up" the Copper Leaf Hotel.

Investigators tracked his cell phone to Western Wisconsin, then to Minnesota.

Grand Chute Police say they got a call just after 6 p.m. Tuesday from a person who said Hawkins was sitting in a auto in the Fox River Mall parking lot with a gun and had threatened to start shooting, and asked police to check on his welfare.

"Once we realized he crossed the border over to Minnesota, we reached out to the local Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Green Bay, requested some assistance in taking him into custody".