State Rep. Allegedly Beat His Wife and Pointed a Gun at Her

  • State Rep. Allegedly Beat His Wife and Pointed a Gun at Her

State Rep. Allegedly Beat His Wife and Pointed a Gun at Her

South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley's mugshot.

A state representative for SC was apprehended on Tuesday after he violently assaulted his wife in front of her children and pointed a gun at her before threatening to kill himself. Deputies say Corley then went into a bedroom and the victim ran to a home across the street.

An incident report obtained by the newspaper notes that Corley's wife claimed that her husband beat her in front of their two children after he was "caught cheating".

Around the Statehouse, Corley is particularly known for defending the Confederate battle flag on the Statehouse grounds when other lawmakers were seeking its removal in the aftermath of the Emanuel AME Church shooting in June 2015. State Sen. Tom Young, who serves as chair of the Aiken County Legislative Delegation told reporters he was praying for Corley and his family, calling the incident "a very unfortunate situation". That same year, Corley sent a Christmas card to his Republican colleagues with a picture of the flag telling them to "ask for forgiveness of all your sins such as betrayal".

Per the Aiken Standard, the arrest warrant claims that the state rep hit his wife with his fists and threatened to kill her in while their kids witnessed. Corley weighed in on South Carolina's domestic violence problem, which has ranked as one of the nation's deadliest states for women, and the steps he plans on taking in office. 'As far as what we can do as the government, you know, stiffer mandatory penalties. "Saying you can't have a gun because you get convicted of domestic violence, I don't know if that's going to stop someone from future domestic violence".

As condition of his bond, he can't have any contact with the victim and must stay away from domestic abuse shelters.

Corley said the card was a political statement to his fellow Republicans meant as a joke.

Corley has received attention recently for wanting people to vote on putting the Confederate flag back up at the state house. Corley was charged after deputies spoke with him and the woman.