Man Wins Free Pizza for a Year, Then Surprises Pizzeria

  • Man Wins Free Pizza for a Year, Then Surprises Pizzeria

Man Wins Free Pizza for a Year, Then Surprises Pizzeria

"I got so much love and support from people I didn't know", Katrick said. "My [next] reaction is, 'what am I going to do with all this pizza?'".

CONGRATULATIONS to the victor of our "FREE Pizza For A Year" Sweepstakes - Josh Katrick!

When a pizza parlor chose to hold a contest to give away pizza to one lucky customer for a year, they thought the victor would be happy to just stay busy eating for a year. Giuseppe Aiello, Giovanni's son, tells us they never expected what came next.

"I thought someone would win, they'd be excited, come in and get their pizzas, but a story like this to come out of a contest like that".

Mario's Pizza owner, Frank Grigoli, admitted that he was very surprised when he received Katrick's call and asked if he could pass away on the prize and give it to somebody, or something else.

Mr Katrick, who has colon cancer, found out he had been randomly selected as the victor by email as he was leaving the clinic after a session of chemotherapy.

Katrick said he had surgery for stage 2 colon cancer in August and has been receiving chemotherapy since September. He gave it away.

He told 69 News: 'I remember coming out of there thinking, "I just won pizzas for a year!" But despite his diagnosis and the tough year so far, he told the pizza place he wanted to give back the offer and send it to the local food bank.

Josh Ketrick gave all the pizza he won to a local food bank. So, a pizza shop known for spreading the warmth, decided this Christmas to spread it a little further.

Once the owner of the pizza shop learned of Katrick's gift, however, he made a decision to give the prize to both Katrick and the local food bank. "It's better to give than receive, and especially during this time of year - Christmas".

We all wants to do something for others but the majority of us just plans and fails when it comes to implement but people like Josh always seeks for such opportunities and seriously this was the stronghold on nerves of my heart.