Officer Placed On Restricted Duty Following Viral, Aggressive Arrest of Black Mom

  • Officer Placed On Restricted Duty Following Viral, Aggressive Arrest of Black Mom

Officer Placed On Restricted Duty Following Viral, Aggressive Arrest of Black Mom

A black woman and her teen daughter were arrested in Texas after they called police to complain about a white neighbor who choked the woman's seven-year old son. She swears furiously at the officer, shouting, "You're on live, I've got this whole thing recorded, Jesus Christ, I got the whole thing recorded, bitch!"

"In a statement, the department acknowledged that the video looks bad, but urged calm until an investigation is completed. We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and to submit their findings", Fort Worth Police said in a statement.

After the officer gets the women in the vehicle, he then turns his attention to the woman filming the video.

Jacqueline Craig called police to her home on Rock Garden Trail to report that her neighbor allegedly choked her seven-year-old son for littering. The man said the boy had thrown litter on the ground, Craig said.

The officer responded to Craig by saying: 'Why don't you teach your son not to litter?'

"Because you just pissed me off telling me what I teach my kids and what I don't", Craig says. Then the officer approcached the person and a struggle ensued and that was where the recording ended.

The widely viewed video additionally shows Slager dropping a black object that appeared to be the same size and color as a Taser next to Scott's body in a possible attempt plant evidence so he could claim self- defense.

However, the situation spirals out of control as the officer grabs Craig, forces her down on the pavement and handcuffs her. The officer is now on restricted duty.

"It made me feel less of a parent that I couldn't protect him when he needed it", she said after being released from jail. The video shook and stopped.

"I'm very distraught because what I felt I was doing was actually protecting my child and it didn't happen", Craig said at the press conference as she was surrounded by family and their attorney, Lee Merritt.

"We are aware of the video that is circulating on social media".

Merritt said the reasons for his clients' arrests are "clearly factitious" and all charges should be dropped immediately.

Fort Worth police said an internal investigation was underway. The incident began after an older White man choked a 7-year-old Black boy in Fort Worth, Texas. Her name is not being released because she's a minor. "We would like to see the individual who all this started from - the neighbor who assaulted a 7-year-old child - prosecuted as well".

Both Craig and her daughter remain in custody.

Throughout the 6 minute video, the elderly white man who was accused of choking the boy, can be seen calmly standing and watching the incident unfold.

"Because it don't", the stunned Craig replied.

"It was disturbing that the officer chose to ignore the assaultive act", Crockett said.

"Why not?" the officer asks.

Craig told CNN she didn't want to talk about the incident but expressed thanks to people who watched the video and showed support.