DC subway working on fare card holders with Trump's image

  • DC subway working on fare card holders with Trump's image

DC subway working on fare card holders with Trump's image

Protesters held a dramatic last stand against a Donald Trump presidency as electoral colleges across the country tallied their votes.

Before anyone jumps on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for a perceived snub of the 45th President, the transit system says this one's on Trump's people.

Donald Trump has become the first president-elect in recent years not to feature on D.C. Metro's special Inauguration Day card.

The Commemorative Card is valid for unlimited Metrorail and Metrobus trips on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017.

Riders can put more money on the cards and keep using them after the inauguration.

Presidential Inaugural Committee Director of Communications Boris Epshteyn tweeted Thursday that the team is working closely with Metro to design the sleeve.

But Trump is notably absent from this year's batch. Trump's card has an America flag with an image of the White House and the words, "58th Presidential Inauguration Celebration January 20, 2017".

WMATA released a commemorative card for President Barack Obama's historic 2009 election that was so popular it wound up selling for $25 on eBay, more than double its $10 cost. The transit agency said they tried to get permission to use a photo from the campaign, but never heard back.

"Metro requested permission to use a photo, but received no response from the campaign", a WMATA spokesperson told the outlet. The sleeves are similar to what WMATA made for the September 2015 visit to Washington, D.C., of Pope Francis.

The cards are a special promotion that the system does for major special events.