Officer Helps UW Student Tie a Necktie During a Traffic Stop

A Wisconsin college student learned how to tie a necktie from a police officer who was about to write him a ticket for speeding.

Officer Martin Folczyk spotted Keeney's BMW speeding near the house around 9 a.m. and pulled him over, according to Fox 9. The unidentified student said he was speeding because he was late for a presentation and was trying to find a buddy to tie his necktie. While some may not have cared about Keeney's academic predicament, Folczyk was pretty chill about the whole situation.

The officer asked for the tie and tied the tie for him.

Handing it back, Folczyk said, "Probably not the best knot, but it will work".

Officer Folczyk then asked for the necktie and immediately started multitasking, putting the tie around his own neck, and tying it, while making sure Keeney's license and insurance checked out.

"Better than I was going to do", the student answered. The student was given a verbal warning.

Keeney told ABC News that he went on to get 92 percent on his presentation for an outside sales class.