Maine Democratic Elector's Vote for Sanders Declared Out of Order

  • Maine Democratic Elector's Vote for Sanders Declared Out of Order

Maine Democratic Elector's Vote for Sanders Declared Out of Order

About 40 protesters demonstrated outside the State Capitol in Carson City with chants and signs denouncing President-elect Donald Trump during the 30-minute ceremony inside the Capitol's old Assembly chambers. "The Electoral College is outdated", Mulinix said.

Many attempts at becoming faithless were quashed by the electors' states, as laws banning such activities allow those electors to be replaced or ordered to revote, as each of the Sanders would-be voters learned. Denying that outcome would mean that 37 of the 306 Republican electors would have to become what's called "faithless electors" and vote from someone other than Trump. However, in accordance with the 12th Amendment, each elector gets two votes: one for president and one for vice president. Bret Chiafalo said he had planned to vote for Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich, but made a decision to vote for Powell instead after speaking to other of his state's electors. That wasn't the end to her troubles, either.

Since Election Day, there has been a campaign to encourage Republican electors to change their votes from Donald Trump to somebody, anybody, else.

He was President William Howard Taft's vice president and they were both running for re-election. But Trump received one elector because he won more votes in the state's second congressional district.

And that was a very special Bryan, the two parties shared a presidential candidate.

"I am not a Clinton elector, I am a Democratic elector".

Nevada's six Democratic presidential electors cast their official Electoral College votes for Hillary Clinton on Monday, including three who originally backed her rival Bernie Sanders in Nevada's caucuses in February.

It could've been even worse for Mrs. Clinton. Abdurrahman's action as a "faithless elector" led to his being replaced with an alternate elector, as required by Minnesota law. Bernie Sanders. He switched his vote back on a second round of voting.

Janice Bond, the fourth elector, said she would have voted for Sanders but did not believe she was able to. She also hurt herself by lying and saying during one debate that she hadn't asked for the high fees when in fact her agent had demanded them.

After explaining his changed vote, Bright delivered a prepared statement underscoring the importance of encouraging young voters. "Not many people actually get to vote for president", he said.