Police rescue 'frozen' woman who turns out to be mannequin

  • Police rescue 'frozen' woman who turns out to be mannequin

Police rescue 'frozen' woman who turns out to be mannequin

Police in New York (US) broke into a vehicle to "rescue" an apparently frozen woman, only to find it was a life-size mannequin, media reports said. It was cold - around five degrees Fahrenheit - and the auto had snow cover and looked like it hadn't been moved in a while.

An officer smashed the rear window, opened the door...and discovered the "woman" was really a life sized mannequin. A New Hampshire police officer broke a auto window in July to save a baby left in a hot vehicle, and actually began CPR on the child before realizing it was a lifelike doll that the owner used to cope with the death of her son. Hudson Police Department Concerned passersby in Hudson, upstate NY, called police after spotting this mannequin inside a auto - which they thought was a woman who'd frozen to death. She did not move and was unresponsive.

Officers rushed to the scene and found what appeared to be a woman sitting in a car's front passenger seat wearing an oxygen mask.

Police in Hudson, New York, thought they were rescuing a woman who had "frozen" on December 16, 2016, but after smashing the windows of the vehicle, it was determined it was a mannequin. It was even wearing a seat belt...

The vehicle's owner eventually returned to his auto and solved the mystery: He is a sales manager for a company that manufacturers medical training aids, and the "woman" is a CPR training device, police said.

Chief lieutenant Moore said the man was quite "vocal and vulgar to my sergeant" but the officer made no apologies.

Chief Moore had this message for mannequin owners.

"If it was a joke, it was a very poor, tasteless joke", he said.