Canadians warned over vehicle licking moose on the loose

Officials in western Canada are warning drivers that a moose is on the loose.

Alberta Parks, the organization that runs the provincial parks system, issued a warning** about the animals approaching vehicles in parking lots and licking salt from the sides of the cars.

Rangers have been forced to issue a warning about the massive ungulates, telling people the best thing to do if a moose starts licking your SUV is just to stay in the vehicle and honk your horn or activate your auto alarm to try and drive them away.

A couple of visitors to the Spray Lakes Area in Kananaskis got up close and personal with a young adult moose when he came for a snack from the side of their vehicle. "Sound a auto horn or use your remote door alarm to deter moose to regain access into your vehicle".

Moose cravings for salt aren't just a Canadian phenomenon: previous year, a moose was filmed in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado snacking on the salt residue left on the side of a vehicle.

Many animals, including moose, have a natural need for salt in order to maintain good health and if there is no natural source available, they will search elsewhere for replenishment.

The Alberta alert will remain in place until further notice.

They say they soon came across a moose licking salt from the road and vehicles.

Park goers can report aggressive moose encounters at 403-591-7755.