Mistrial in 'open and shut' police shooting stuns observers

  • Mistrial in 'open and shut' police shooting stuns observers

Mistrial in 'open and shut' police shooting stuns observers

But Slager was charged, and there's clear video of what happened.

A bystander's cellphone video, which begins seconds before Slager started shooting, shows Scott fleeing as Slager fires eight shots.

Slager was sacked by North Charleston police soon after the video of the shooting was made public, and he faced widespread condemnation including from South Carolina's governor. Asked whether another jury will convict Slager, Stewart replied, "Of course". By 4:30 p.m. Monday, however, jurors said they were still deadlocked or undecided, prompting the judge to declare a mistrial.

Authorities say Roof hurled racial insults during the massacre, telling the parishioners he was killing them because he wanted a war between whites and blacks because blacks were raping white women and taking over the country.

Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, who shot and killed Walter Scott following a traffic stop in April 2015. Slager remains free on bail.

"God is my strength, and I know without doubt he is a just God and injustice will not prevail", Scott's mother, Judy, told reporters later.

Slager was sacked from the North Charleston police department after the April 4, 2015 confrontation but pleaded not guilty to the murder.

Tired jurors on their fourth day of deliberations, had sent a note to Judge Clifton Newman saying "the majority" were still undecided on a verdict.

A juror wrote a letter to Newman on Friday that "I still can not, without a reasonable doubt, convict the defendant". They asked for clarification on why voluntary manslaughter was added as a possible verdict and whether the definition of self-defense for a police is different than for the average person.

NAACP President Cornell Brooks called the jury's decision "a disappointing delay in the delivery of justice". But three hours later, they reported that they had made no progress.

The officers who killed Freddie Gray, 25, in Baltimore, Tamir Rice, 12, in Cleveland, Eric Garner, 43, in NY and Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Missouri, all went free for various reasons.

"When it comes to justice and black people in America, I don't expect it", she sighed. Slager is white and Scott was black. He did do something, but based on the law and the clauses in the law, he didn't commit murder based on what we saw. "But I didn't know [at the time] that it was a Taser - I just knew that it was something electric sound".

"Y'all seen every minute of this trial", she said.

Charleston County's top prosecutor vowed a retrial. The fact that the seemingly open-and-shut case against Slager has, for now, ended in a mistrial provides new evidence that the criminal justice system is simply not set up to deliver justice to victims of police misconduct. It's an outcome the 54-year-old SC native has come to expect. "Someone is always going to find a way out for a police officer".

Here & Now's Peter O'Dowd speaks with Trudy Grant, manager of religious affairs for National Action Network in Charleston, South Carolina, about the case. Let's wait on the next trial before we decide to do anything stupid. We've got to live here. "We don't want people coming from outside of Charleston" to protest, said Johnson, who is black. "It doesn't say they are deadlocked", he said. "What will really be awful is when something like this happens, and people are not shocked". The former police officer also faces a trial in federal court for violating Scott's civil rights.