Jury picked in Dylann Roof-church slayings trial

  • Jury picked in Dylann Roof-church slayings trial

Jury picked in Dylann Roof-church slayings trial

We want to warn viewers that they might find it disturbing.

Twenty-two projectiles, or portions of a bullet, were found inside the hall, according to Burke. These would turn out to be the bodies of the victims.

Jurors were also shown 360-degree computer views of the crime scene.

Numerous tables are seen as well as purple chairs. Roof was arrested a day after the murders in Shelby, North Carolina, a town about 250 miles north of Charleston.

Then we watched him take his last breath.

Richardson told the jury that Roof had planned his attack for months, choosing Mother Emanuel because of its historical significance to the black community in Charleston.

On the night Roof carried out his plan, he waited until parishioners stood to pray about 30 minutes into their meeting before firing his.45-caliber pistol, Mr Richardson said.

During Burnet's testimony, dash cam footage of the officers performing the traffic stop and arresting Roof was shown to jurors. Instead, he asked jurors to keep an open mind about that evidence and to consider what would make a 21-year-old commit the crimes.

Roof also designed his own logo that included his initials, a swastika and the number 88, which for white supremacists stands for "Heil Hitler", the prosecutor said. Kniess instructed his fellow officers to take the surviving witnesses to a safe location across the street.

Roof meticulously prepared for the shootings. But as the photos flashed onto the screen, family members of victims remained locked on the images.

A federal indictment states that Roof maintained a website where he posted "a manuscript and photographs expressing his racist beliefs".

Watch Roland Martin, Meg Kinnard and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Dylann Roof trial in the video clip above.

"And he told our son, 'I have to do this because ya'll raping our women and taking over the world, '" Sanders said.

Shelby police officer testifying on Dec. 8 in regards to the traffic stop in North Carolina which they led to the arrest of Dylann Roof
Jury picked in Dylann Roof-church slayings trial

"I thought it was very odd to see the last thing he posted", Gordon said.

According to Gordon, the 10-second video shows people sitting around a table.

"You will see a crime that is driven by fear", Bruck said.

The federal trial Dylann Roof began Wednesday with a heart wrenching beginning that also revealed the racial and gender makeup of the jury: two black women, eight white women, one white man and a black man. She is a member of Emanuel AME Church who was part of the Bible study group that met on Wednesday nights, and her son and her aunt were killed in the attack.

Testimony from officers who responded to the scene can be expected Thursday.

He paid tribute to the victims; Cynthia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton and Myra Thompson.

Polly Sheppard, a retired nurse, was on the ground praying.

Richardson told jurors they will hear Roof's confession and hear how he hoped to start a race war by targeting the AME parishioners.

Motioning to Roof in the courtroom, a sobbing Sanders said: "The defendant over there, with his head hanging down, told my son I have to do this".

Sanders told Tywanza she loved him, and he told his mother he loved her. "There is no place left on earth for him except the pit of hell".

The past week has had its own drama as Roof fired his lawyers to act as his own attorney, then hired them back Monday.

Roof's attorney is arguing for a sentence of life in prison for 22-year-old Roof, who has been charged with 33 different counts including hate crimes resulting in death.