Carrier Union Leader on Donald Trump: 'He Lied His Ass Off'

An Indiana union leader who's been slammed by Donald Trump on Twitter says he's willing to work with the president-elect and to protect manufacturing jobs.

"We agreed with the re-importation tax Trump's campaign proposed to punish companies that outsource production from the other countries with 35 percent tariffs on products imported here for sale", Gerard said.

Jones also highlighted a United Technologies plant in Huntington, Indiana that is planning to move 700 jobs to Mexico.

"He got up there, and, for whatever reason, lied his a- off", Jones told The Post. But Trump's numbers, according to Jones, were wrong.

The local union president representing employees at Carrier previously accused the president-elect of inflating the number of jobs he saved from being outsourced to Mexico, the genesis of the initial "spat". At Friday's news conference, Jones called the Carrier announcement a "phony operation" and "a dog and pony show".

Jones, who supported Clinton as a "lesser of two evils", accused the president-elect of lying when he visited the plant Dec 1.

According to Jones, Trump's claim that he saved the jobs of "over 1,100 people" is flatly untrue, based on his interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday.

Yet when Trump stood up to discuss this at a December 1 meeting, Jones recalled, "For whatever reason, he lied his ass off". The company is slated to receive $7 million in tax credits from in, to be paid over ten years.

In a second tweet Wednesday night, Trump said: "If United Steelworkers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in IN". "United Technologies really stepped up", Trump said to workers and reporters at the plant last week. In return, Carrier will keep about 800 jobs in IN while still moving scores of jobs to Mexico.

Pence has continued to cite the higher figure, telling ABC's "This Week" on Sunday that "This was great news for over 1,000 families in IN who were going to see those jobs south of the border".

"One of the things that the USA is known for is that you can criticize the president and nothing happens to you", she said.