San Antonio Suspect Apologizes for Fatal Police Shooting

  • San Antonio Suspect Apologizes for Fatal Police Shooting

San Antonio Suspect Apologizes for Fatal Police Shooting

A San Antonio detective writing out a traffic ticket to a motorist was shot to death in his squad vehicle late Sunday morning outside police headquarters by another driver who pulled up from behind, authorities said.

On Sunday 50-year-old Det.

The suspect in the ambush shooting of a San Antonio police detective said Monday he was angry about a child-custody battle and "lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it".

"Everyone is relieved", San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told a news conference, adding the suspect has a criminal history. Video of McKane following his arrest was posted to their official Facebook account.

Police say there has been an alarming spike in ambush-style attacks.

The name of the person McKane married was redacted in the documents CNN received.

Otis Tyrone McKane, who is suspected of killing Officer Benajamin Marconi, is escorted to the police headquarters after his capture. Police on Sunday eventually gave reporters grainy surveillance images of the man in the Spurs hat who'd entered police headquarters hours before the shooting.

Marconi, a 20-year veteran of the force, was one of four police officers who were shot November 20.

A manhunt was underway for most of Monday, before authorities arrested McKane. McKane had an unidentified woman and a 2-year-old child in his vehicle during the arrest, police said.

McKane already has offered an apology to the dead officer's family. "That individual pulled up next to the officer and started shooting at him", Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters.

"Society not letting me see my son", he replied.

An investigation determined there was no connection between the driver who was being issued the citation and McKane. Marconi was issuing a traffic citation to another driver when a black sedan pulled up behind his patrol auto, police said.

That's when a man pulled up behind him.

Investigators believed McKane pulled up behind Marconi's squad vehicle, walked up to the officer's driver's-side window and opened fire. A suspect in the auto is believed to have pulled up next to the officer, fired and fled.

Tonight, we can all breathe a little easier knowing that the suspect who maliciously killed one of our SAPD officers is in custody. Police said they were watching McKane for some time before stopping him and arresting him near San Antonio.

Records show McKane has court filings for a protective order and for child custody.

"I feel we (police) were targeted", McManus said.

The ambush came from someone in a auto that pulled up beside the officer's vehicle, opened fire and fled.

"We continue to investigate and until we have every shred of evidence that we believe exists, we'll then turn it over to the District Attorney for prosecution".

Of the shootings, McManus said, "I feel they were targeted".

Hours after the San Antonio incident, another officer was shot in St. Louis, Missouri. "Thank you to the San Antonio community and the nation as a whole for your support".