Man Who Shot Former Jets Running Back Joe McKnight Charged

  • Man Who Shot Former Jets Running Back Joe McKnight Charged

Man Who Shot Former Jets Running Back Joe McKnight Charged

A 54-year-old man who admitted shooting dead former National Football League player Joe McKnight in a road rage incident last week has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, authorities in Louisiana said Tuesday.

Ronald Gasser was jailed on one count on manslaughter Tuesday morning forllowing the fatal Thursday shooting. He was also assigned a public defender.

The sheriff devoted more time in his Tuesday news conference to defending his investigation and deriding its critics than he did to details of the case.

Johanna and Jonathan McKnight want justice for their brother, and said they are willing to wait. Justice is not a sprint, it is a marathon. He said he was "very disappointed" with some citizens in Jefferson Parish and around the country for their reaction to the shooting.

Normand thanked the McKnight family for its patience, restraint and trust.

When he was questioned by reporters, he simply said "tough, I don't care".

Normand said there was an altercation at some point between the occupants of the cars as they approached the Crescent City Connection. "We talked to over 70 business owners in an attempt to retrieve video".

Authorities were called around 2:45 p.m. Thursday after McKnight, 28, was shot at an intersection in Terrytown.

As we previously reported, McKnight and Gasser got into a verbal altercation while driving on the highway and cutting each other off as they drove through the suburban New Orleans town. Normand said both the gun and the vehicle belong to McKnight's step-father. The sheriff's office conducted more than 160 other interviews and found a key witness on Saturday, he said. Gasser then pulled out his weapon and shot McKnight three times-once in the right shoulder, the right chest, and his right hand.

According to Normand, McKnight had a gun in his vehicle, but officials had no reason to believe that he ever insinuated that he had a gun or threatened to use it against Gasser.

The sheriff said McKnight had a gun in his vehicle but no evidence suggested he insinuated anything about it. "What we had were two adult males engaged in unacceptable behavior that did not understand how to deal with conflict resolution", he said.

Normand laid out the most detailed account of the shooting yet during a lengthy press conference that verged into the profane as Normand read printouts of apparent social media posts criticizing his decision to release accused McKnight killer Ronald Gasser shortly after the incident.

Gasser handed over his gun to authorities when they arrived, but was released without charges the following day, prompting a protest led by the NAACP outside the sheriff's office. He was initially taken into custody after the shooting last Thursday but he was released without being charged pending further investigation.

McKnight, who went to high school in Louisiana, headed west for college in 2006 and became a football star at the University of Southern California. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the New York Jets, for whom he played three seasons.

The sheriff wouldn't reveal what was said between the two although he said Gasser felt threatened by McKnight's statements.