Lawmakers aim to add 20-week abortion ban to heartbeat bill

"This bill would effectively outlaw abortion and criminalize physicians that provide this care to their patients".

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio says the bill would refuse access to abortion before some women know they are pregnant.

He could also line-item veto the part of the bill banning abortion, The Dispatch reports, since the abortion ban was "tacked on as a last-minute amendment" to a bill addressing child abuse prevention, according to Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus Chair Kathy DiCristofaro.

The Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit research organization that supports abortion rights and tracks abortion legislation, said it would be one of the most restrictive abortion laws if enacted.

While several states have considered fetal heartbeat abortion bans, only two passed it, Arkansas and North Dakota.

Ohio Right to Life also signaled reservations about the bill, as it has been pushing a separate bill for a 20-week abortion ban the group thinks is more realistic. It's scheduled for a Senate committee hearing Wednesday and a possible vote by the full Senate Thursday.

The bill bans anyone from performing an abortion without checking for a fetal heartbeat or proceeding with the abortion if a heartbeat is detected - usually around the six-week point of a pregnancy. "I think we have a brand new day here in America and we're going to see a brand new Supreme Court with pro-life justices", Janet Porter, of Faith2Action, told NBC's local OH affiliate.

The measure is just one of a handful of abortion restrictions working their way through the OH legislature's lame-duck session. We need to respect the constitutionally protected right to privacy and honor women's decision making ability.

The Columbus Dispatch and the Cleveland Plain Dealer have reported that Kasich expressed concerns about previous attempts to pass a "Heartbeat Bill", including that it may not withstand legal challenges.

Such laws are among the latest in abortion opponents' attempts, going back to the first battles following the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, to discourage abortions by creating obstacles for women and their providers.

Senate Republican can not guess what is going to happen, said Sen.

Supporting the bill from northwest OH were Derek Merrin (R., Monclova Township), Robert McColley (R., Napoleon), Robert Sprague (R., Findlay), Tony Burkley (R., Payne), Bill Reineke (R., Tiffin), and Bob Cupp (R., Lima).

Kasich, who is against abortion rights, has questioned the constitutionality of the "Heartbeat Bill" in the past, but his office declined to comment Tuesday on what he might do. "Everyone is swept up in Trumpmania, but let's be realistic", Gonidakis said. The bill is now headed to Governor John Kasich's desk. Since he took office in 2011, half the state's abortion clinics have closed, forcing many OH women to travel to MI if they want to terminate their pregnancies safely and legally. "By the time this law gets to the Supreme Court, I'm confident it will be upheld".