Judge orders Michigan recount to begin at noon Monday

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says her efforts to force recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are "about ensuring that all votes are counted and that voters can trust the system". "So we are standing firm for the hard fought and hard won right to vote, particularly for people of colour in this country", said Ms Stein. She has suggested, with no evidence, that votes cast were susceptible to computer hacking.

Both Schuette and attorneys for Trump have also filed motions in the Michigan Supreme Court in an effort to stop the recount from happening altogether.

The news conference, held on busy Fifth Avenue, was repeatedly interrupted by shouts of protest. Several Democrats in the crowd tried to shout him down before they were heckled by other Stein supporters.

Goldsmith ordered that, once started, the recount "must continue until further order of this court". Six counties had completed their work as of Monday morning, with the margin between Trump and Clinton unchanged.

Meanwhile, Michigan's appeals court will hear arguments Tuesday on a Trump request to halt the recount.

Election officials in the three states, all narrowly won by Trump, expressed confidence in their results.

Now, the Wisconsin Elections Commission points out there is no evidence or proof that any of these machines were tampered with or that anything was inaccurate. Some activists want to convince enough electors to bail on the president-elect to force a vote in the House of Representatives - where, they imagine, a compromise candidate could get the win.

Stein argued that a law is unconstitutional that requires a break of at least two business days after the Board of Canvassers' final action on a recount request. That would mean the recount would likely start Wednesday.

In Michigan, a federal judge ordered a recount of presidential ballots to begin at 12 pm ET (1am Singapore time) on Monday and directed that the state complete the process by a Dec 13 federal deadline.

Calling Pennsylvania's election system a "national disgrace" reliant upon outdated technology, the lawyers urged a Philadelphia judge to order a statewide recount and a forensic examination of a sample set of the machines.

Thomas said his office will push to have a hand-recount of 4.8 million ballots cast in November's presidential election completed before a December 13 deadline, telling the court he "will certainly take a shot".

Her press secretary called Trump's attempt to block a recount in Pennsylvania "an anti-verification campaign, a "let's sweep it under the rug" campaign".

Racine County: Increase of 13 votes for Clinton/Kaine, votes were not counted on Election Night due to non-standard pens used to mark ballots.