Brazil's Chapecoense Soccer Team Devastated, Plane Crashed In Colombia Killed 75

Players of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense were flying to Medellin to play next November 30 the final first leg match against Atletico Nacional, as part of the Copa Sudamericana. But Danilo was later reported dead, and authorities said another defender, Helio Zampier, had survived amid a confusion of sometimes conflicting early reports.

General José Acevedo, commander of Medellín police, confirmed to a Colombian radio station that 75 people had been killed and six others had been injured and rescued from the scene. Francis said, "I'd like to recall today the Brazilian people's sorrow".

Chapecoense team members were on their way to play in the finals of South America's second biggest club tournament at the time of the crash.

It was supposed to be for the first leg of a two-game Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional of Medellin on Wednesday.

Businesses were closed across the grief-stricken Brazilian city of Chapecó on Tuesday as residents struggled to process the devastating tragedy that had befallen their beloved soccer team Chapecoense.

The 2002 World Cup victor with Brazil, Ronaldinho, has also offered prayers for those who have lost by the events of Tuesday morning.

Pope Francis asked for prayers for victims of the plane crash in Colombia, noting the Brazilian people are mourning the loss of soccer players from the Chapecoense team.

A chartered aircraft with 81 people on board, including the Brazilian first division Chapecoense team has crashed on its way to Medellin's global airport. The six survivors include three players, two crew members and a journalist.

The region experienced poor weather conditions when the plane, a British Aerospace 146 short-haul aircraft, went down but there is still no conclusive evidence on the reason of the crash.

The aircraft, which had departed from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, was transporting the first division Chapecoense soccer team from southern Brazil.

European top clubs - many using the hashtags ForcaChapecoense or ForcaChape - also reacted with shock to the news from Colombia, most notably Manchester United and Torino, who in the past have both lost players in plane crashes.

Brazil's president Michel Temer also tweeted to announce three days of mourning in the country.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said via Twitter, "We lament the accident of the plane that was carrying Chapecoense".

One of the survivors was Alan Ruschel, a 27-year-old defender for the Brazilian team, the head of Colombia's civil aeronautics agency, Alfredo Bocanegra, told reporters.