WBA manager Pulis must pay Palace 3.7 million pounds

  • WBA manager Pulis must pay Palace 3.7 million pounds

WBA manager Pulis must pay Palace 3.7 million pounds

Palace claimed their former manager, who is now head coach at West Bromwich Albion, deceived them into paying a £2m bonus, which he denied.

The panel concluded it was satisfied Pulis meant to give the club the "false impression" that he had a pressing need for the money for the land purchase and that "he knew or was reckless to the fact that the impression he was giving to the club was a false one".

He said that on 13 August, Pulis told bosses he wanted to leave, and on 14 August he left.

Pulis was due the payment of £2m if he both ensured Palace avoided relegation from the Premier League during the 2013-14 season and was still in charge of the club on August 31 as the 2014-15 campaign began.

Pulis challenged the decision but a High Court judge in London has now ruled against him.

The original tribunal ruled that "by any standards", Pulis' conduct both before and during the legal dispute "has been shown to be disgraceful".

Pulis had told Palace that he urgently needed the money early so that "he could buy some land for his children" but Sir Michael found there was a "lack of evidence" to support this claim.

They decided he had not been "committed to the club, " had not meant to stay until August 31 and "there was no such land transaction".

One crucial area of the judgement was that Pulis claimed he had remained committed to the club until August 12 - the date he claimed the heated meeting with the players had taken place on at the club's training ground which led him to change his mind and want to leave.

"The panel concludes that Mr Pulis deliberately misled Mr Parish concerning his intentions on 8 August with the intention of persuading him to authorise early payment of his bonus", the judgment reads.

"Mr Pulis secured early payment of his bonus from the club by deceit in August 2014", arbitrators concluded.

The ruling will only deepen the animosity between Pulis and Palace. He said he would enforce the damages awarded by the arbitrators.

Burton said the arbitration tribunal was made up of three senior barristers.

He said he had also analysed Pulis's challenge at a private hearing, in line with judges' normal policy.

A High Court judge published details of the case for the first time on Monday after rejecting the appeal from Pulis earlier this month. But Burton said he thought it appropriate that his ruling should be made public.