Shahrukh Khan dialogues: Top 5 Dear Zindagi life lessons

  • Shahrukh Khan dialogues: Top 5 Dear Zindagi life lessons

Shahrukh Khan dialogues: Top 5 Dear Zindagi life lessons

Shah Rukh Khan, meanwhile, has heavily praised Alia Bhatt for her performance.

Shinde may not be on top of her game in Dear Zindagi but she wins a good bit of the battle by casting Bhatt and SRK in pivotal roles.

The film belts out life lessons in abundance through verbose expositions, profound dialogues, some in conversations, but many in the therapy room, all of which make sense but tend to be repetitive beyond a point.

In a live streaming on Facebook to celebrate the film's release, Zafar shared about his character, "Oh yes, Dear Zindagi has released today and my character's name is Rumi". Khas kar ki jab us mushkil ka saamna karne ke liye hum taiyaar hi nahi hain. "She was just magical in the film". Genius is about knowing when to stop.

Talking about her character in the film, Alia Bhatt had told a leading daily, "I've related to Kaira more than all my other characters".

Lauding Alia Bhatt and Gauri Shinde for their patience, he says their spanking new approach towards filmmaking and life in general, made him "unlearn a lot from both of them". "It's a very desi and heartland romance kind of film, which has the flavour of desi ghee". Of course, you need to feel the downs to feel the ups. I have a couple of friends whom I really fall back on. But Shinde should have realized that foreigners like what they think is great cinema, whereas her country of origin has such a diverse audience that they like totally varied but TRULY audience-friendly cinema, like her simple but stunning debut 4 years ago!

Mental health is important for a peaceful and happy life, and mental illness with the help of right psychiatrist is easily treatable. Dear Zindagi tries to draw your attention to this issue - often heard that it needs serious treatment - in a very ordinary way, with nothing fresh to offer. He said, "I will clarify this because I'm old now".

The story is basically about a brash twenty something budding cinematographer whose gamut of confusions include going to bed with a professional colleague, Raghuvendra (Kunal Kapoor), the Producer of the film she is doing patch-work cinematography for.

"When we go overseas we have our own team, but also need support from that place and the people. She is a legendary actress, and If I get an opportunity, I would love to do her biopic".