Refreshed BMW i3 might be here in 2017

  • Refreshed BMW i3 might be here in 2017

Refreshed BMW i3 might be here in 2017

Reuters provides more: "BMW will rework the front and rear of the i3 and equip the vehicle with a new battery to increase its range substantially beyond the current 300 km maximum, the paper said, adding that the increase would be below 50%". In a bid to keep up with the changing EV trends, BMW's facelifted i3 is anticipated to offer an increased electric range along with multiple advances in technology.

Reports from the manufacturer's home country has revealed that BMW apparently plans to redesign its 2017 i3 electric vehicle along with significantly extending its range.

Welt am Sonntag didn't say how much range the updated i3 will have, but noted that it will be an increase of up to 50 per cent, so approximately 160 miles at the maximum for the regular model.

Now expected to be fully electric, the British outlet believe we will see the refreshed i3 at next year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

The first version of i3 had a range of less than 100 miles, which BMW improved to about 120 miles with a more powerful battery. One case is BMW, which hasn't seen much demand for its I3 electric vehicle. BMW expects the new updated version of i3 to make more inroads into the dormant market. The paper has not specified which battery is being used by BMW, currently, the manufacturer uses 94 Ah Samsung power cells and sometimes the older 60 Ah battery pack. But BMW is getting more aggressive than other companies. While both battery packs differ in range, they do not impact the performance of the auto. The company is hoping to increase the battery range as well as their current i3 only have 114 miles of range.

The new battery pack will be complemented by a mid-cycle face-lift that will bring revised front and rear fascias, new colors, and additional wheel designs, according to German newspaper Welt.

All this said, coming to the price pf the new vehicle BMW has tagged the auto with a price ranging from United States dollars 38,200 to USD 42,275 (INR 26 lakh to 29 lakh), depending on the country. While these figures are still a long way off from the 300-mile capability promised by the Tesla Model S, the i3's $47,450 price tag gives it the clear advantage over the Model S which costs around $134,000 before incentives.