Palestinian president Abbas re-elected as Fatah leader

  • Palestinian president Abbas re-elected as Fatah leader

Palestinian president Abbas re-elected as Fatah leader

Explaining the nature of the Fatah congress, Abu Zayyad also said delegates "will discuss Palestinian relations with Israel, the role of the youth in the movement, relations with some Arab countries, the assignment of a deputy. within Fatah and the evaluation of the popular resistance and what can be done to empower it".

"No matter how many days of solidarity we have, the fact of this grave injustice remains", she said.

"If he wants to talk with us, we are pursuing that", Abbas said.

Abbas told members of his Fatah faction that recognition of Israel "will not last forever" if Israel does not recognize a Palestinian state.

"We hope that he will be able to offer something to the Palestinian cause, to offer a solution, a sane, balanced and fair (solution)", Abbas said, adding that "we expect to develop good relations with [Trump] and continue to be in touch with the French about convening an global peace summit".

Arafat, who died in 2004 and remains a venerated figure among Palestinians, is seen by many in Israel as an unreformed terrorist who doomed the 2000 Camp David attempt at peacemaking, orchestrated the suicide bombing onslaught of the Second Intifada that followed, and disseminated a still-prevailing narrative among Palestinians that denies Jews' history and legitimacy in the Holy Land.

Right-wing Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the "number one enemy" of Israel today, Israeli media reported.

Laying out his program, Abbas repeated his longstanding demand that a Palestinian state be established in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem - areas captured by Israel in 1967.

A leadership conference of the Palestinian Fatah movement has unanimously re-elected President Mahmoud Abbas to a new five-year term.

The gathering's image as a way for Abbas to consolidate power - as opposed to the stated goal of paving the way for a successor - has been bolstered by rumors that he is trying to expel his internal opponents by only inviting supporters to the event.

He also rejected the idea of an interim agreement, giving Palestinians independence while final border arrangements are made.

The 81-year-old president of the Palestinian Authority, which runs the Israeli-occupied West Bank, has not signaled that he will be stepping aside.

"If Israel goes to the United Nations and is recognised as a "Jewish national republic of Israel", then they will have worldwide recognition", the 81-year-old said during his three-hour speech.