Marlboro maker says it may stop selling cigarettes

  • Marlboro maker says it may stop selling cigarettes

Marlboro maker says it may stop selling cigarettes

In the United Kingdom, we see a trend of a shrinking proportion of young adults taking up smoking, the unveiling of the tobacco substitute by Philip Morris can be interpreted as way of combating this threat to its sales, as well as a push to get its foot in the door on a growing market in tobacco alternatives. The company says that the heat-not-burn method produces only about 10% of the toxic materials that come from burning tobacco in a regular cigarette.

The company believes that makes it much less harmful than cigarettes. "I hope this time will come soon", Mr Calantzopoulos said yesterday. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source. Speaking to Reuters, Philip Morris UK and Ireland managing director Martin Inkster said, "We certainly see a future where Philip Morris no longer will be selling cigarettes in the market".

The largest worldwide tobacco company has not yet made the product readily available to the entire world.

The iQOS device itself costs about $55, and it utilizes tobacco sticks, which resemble cigarettes.

Philip Morris International Inc. isn't the only company looking into heat-based cigarettes.

Tobacco sticks are sold separately, with a pack of 20 costing you £8. Two-inch tobacco cartridges, called Heets, are heated to 350C.

Philip Morris, the Marlboro cigarette maker everywhere with the exception of the US, receives the vast majority of sales as well as profits from its traditional cigarettes, which are estimated to kill 6 million people annually around the world. According to the statement of Action on Smoking and Health Chief executive Deborah Arnott, "If smokers switch to electronic cigaretters or other products that can be shown to cut the risks to their health, this could lead to a big improvement in public health".

The company has a lot riding on its new product, especially in view of its traditional tobacco sales, which have been steadily declining in developed countries over the past years.

However, Philip Morris faces increasing regulation for traditional cigarettes around the world, with many countries not only following the lead of the USA but also taking things a step further, introducing plain packaging, large warnings, and other restrictions meant to discourage consumers from smoking. But Phillip Morris says its electronic alternatives are less harmful to health than the conventional killer cigarettes and better thanother vaporizers.