'Gilmore Girls' Creator Weighs In on Possibility of More Episodes

  • 'Gilmore Girls' Creator Weighs In on Possibility of More Episodes

'Gilmore Girls' Creator Weighs In on Possibility of More Episodes

I didn't watch it until the summer before my sophomore year - just about a year and a half ago, or right around the time it was announced the producers were working on a revival. Yeah, us too. When Amy Sherman-Palladino said she always knew the final four words of Gilmore Girls, we were thinking something more along the line of, "I love you, Mom". We have even more questions now - and not only because of that bombshell final scene.

"I'm pregnant", Rory told her mother at the end of "Fall", the fourth episode of the Gilmore Girls revival. Although Rory is no longer in high school or even college at this point, that does not mean that her character has changed drastically.

While all the ingredients of "Gilmore Girls" were present, somehow the revival just is not the same.

It didn't make sense at all that Rory would be cheating with Logan Huntzberger. Together, they work to fulfill Rory's goal, to attend Harvard and become a well-known journalist. "This was really a ideal storm and it felt that way", he said.

So is the father Logan? She was jobless, essentially homeless and stuck with some guy no one could remember - Paul, was it? This opinion is based on the points of view before A Year in The Life. Though they nearly always say nothing, they represent for me a whole world of life-marriages, friendships, successes, failures, spiritual and material needs.

Great idea, except Rory had to know that her mother would be upset by this plan. She lashed out at Lorelai, harsher than ever before; had a brief rebound with a man from the club and then sold her house to move to Nantucket. "'Even though, I wasn't sure she was telling me the truth'". "She totally freaked out over a book", Rory complains. "I don't know." "Oh, I don't know", Sherman-Palladino added to E!

Does Rory actually believe that nonsense? "The transition is also aided by the fact the original seasons were captured in today's preferred shooting style (single camera), and the characters had plenty of life left to live when Season 7 came to a close".

"Gilmore Girls" has been my go-to for every stage of my life. Emily Gilmore is a national treasure in these episodes. Fortunately, the two had excellent chemistry on set and soon, they transformed into the famous Lorelai and Rory duo. Then, all of a sudden, there he was, working at the family business, still extremely rich.

Given the election went to Donald Trump, that was probably the better call. "Someone said, 'Oh god, I hope we don't see another eating disorder show.' You won't because I don't give a flying fuck about that".

One of the main focuses of the TV show was always Rory's love life.

It was a little heartbreaking that this dysfunctional yet weirdly ideal couple got a divorce, even though Doyle is now a screenwriter, in a nice nod to Danny Strong's actual career. "In a maternal, protective way, she found most of my boyfriends at the time lacking, and once told me I needed someone who was more my equal, like 'that wonderful actor on Six Feet Under'".

Poor Lane. Rory's best friend was once on the road to being a rock "n" roll star. "There is no evilness in Stars Hollow", she said. On at least one occasion, she had to calmly dissuade Lauren from making a regrettable decision: designing her own tattoo. "They could feel that it was the time to say goodbye".