Available To 'Current Branch For Business' Release? More Details Revealed!

  • Available To 'Current Branch For Business' Release? More Details Revealed!

Available To 'Current Branch For Business' Release? More Details Revealed!

Microsoft lists all of the Windows 10 version 1607 improvement in this TechNet article.

Now the problem for Microsoft engineers is to release a patch to close this backdoor for millions of Windows 10 users. For instance, the article indicates that "Quality Updates can be deferred up to 30 days and paused for 35 days". The article, though, doesn't spell out exactly how that's done.

There's some good news for Microsoft as Windows 10 has turned its recent floundering around, with the latest stats for adoption of the OS showing a sizeable uptick this past month.

That's important for Microsoft because for the two months preceding November, Windows 10 appeared to hit a wall: in September, it actually lost nearly half a percentage point of market share, and the OS essentially flat-lined in October, with a marginal increase of 0.06%. A CBB release generally happens four months after a current branch release. A summary can be found in this article. If you checked the box in Win10 Pro version 1511 that says "Defer feature updates" (Start Settings Update & security Windows Update Advanced Options) you will likely receive the upgrade to 1607 shortly.

The company's goal is to have 1 billion users by 2020, with the ultimate dream of having Windows 10 running on all devices. Although we don't know what changes the new update brings, we certainly hope it will resolve at least some of the known issues caused by previous cumulative updates for Windows 10. "This is an important milestone and signifies that this version has been validated by customers, OEMs and partners giving organizations the confidence to further accelerate deployments at scale", commented Michael Niehaus, director of product marketing for Windows 10 deployment, in a November 29 blog post. Relevant media will also be available for download from Microsoft's Volume Licensing Service Center.

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