Last surviving person born in the 1800s celebrates 117th birthday

Morano celebrated her 117th birthday on Tuesday and is now the only person alive to have lived through three centuries.

Emma Morano has revealed the secret to her longevity as the world's oldest woman.

Ms Morano's longevity, she admits, is partly down to genetics - her mother reached 91 and several sisters reached their centenary - and partly, she says, down to a rather unusual diet of three eggs - two raw - each day for more than 90 years.

Emma Morano, 117 years hold, is kissed by her caretakers Malgorzat Ceglinska, right, and Yamilec Vergara, on her birthday.

He said Morano's husband beat her and she lost an infant son to crib death at 6 months.

With age, her diet has been cut down to just two eggs a day and some cookies. Shortly after WWI, a doctor diagnosed her with anemia, prompting her to eat the raw meal.

As an homage to Morano's extraordinary life, there will be a musical performance telling the story of her life, which according to the play's writers, "represents the feminine courage which rebelled against domestic violence". Her first love died in WWI and after her frightful marriage she explained, "I didn't want to be dominated by anyone". After that, she opted to remain single, saying in 2015 that "I didn't want to be dominated by anyone".

Her fiancé died in World War One and she was forced to marry a man she did not love. Her nieces also make her apple sauce.

Morano's doctor, Carlo Bava, said she has ideal cholesterol and glucose levels.

Emma fled an abusive husband her "beat her", and she had to make that decision in a time and place when women were supposed to be submissive.

Diet aside, Bava said he thought that Morano had lived such a long life because she was cared for.

The municipality said Morano had a tough life.

But those who know her best says she remains alert, has a good sense of humour and continues to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

"I don't eat much because I have no teeth", she explains, matter of factly.

Now, Morano's diet is a little more adventurous, but she still sticks nearly entirely to animal protein, and the cookies that have always been a favorite since Emma was young.

"She is always a very serene". "When she is well, she really is well".