All parties support apex court order on national anthem

  • All parties support apex court order on national anthem

All parties support apex court order on national anthem

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that the national anthem has to be played before the screening of movies in theatres across the country, while making it mandatory for the audience to stand up and pay respect to it. "When the national anthem is played it is imperative for everyone to show honor and respect", the judges said, according to the Livelaw news website, a comment Indian media said meant audiences should stand. "The judgement contradicts earlier case laws where courts have stated that it is not compulsory for anyone to stand up for the national anthem".

Compulsory playing of the national anthem before movies in cinema halls is a weird idea that could seriously jeopardise civil liberties in India. The ruling drew sharp criticism, with many saying it was a violation of civil liberties. "To do so on an issue as unserious and arbitrary as what should be done at cinema halls is bad", wrote Nitin Pai, founder of the Takshashila Institution think tank, in a blog post.

In October the BBC carried an article by a disabled man who described how he had been assaulted for not standing up for the anthem in a cinema. "It's nice when the national anthem is played, but it should not be a symbol judging patriotism", he says.

In the 1960s and 1970s, after India-China war, cinemas played it after every movie, but since people often walked out, the practice declined and had to be discontinued.

WHAT SC SAID: Fundamental Duties "do not allow any different notion or the perception of individual rights that have individual thought, have no space". Patriotism is something through education through better society one has to build in younger generation its not imposition...!

Other directions contained in the order prescribe that there shall be no commercial exploitation or dramatisation of the national anthem in a variety show for pecuniary advantage. "It would instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism". His story went global and following the incident, he wrote to the management asked it to flash a message before the national anthem reminding people that there may be persons with disabilities and senior citizens in the audience, who may not be able to stand up and that viewers should refrain from forcing others to do so. If you can see some dumb ads in a movie hall before the film, then why can't you stand for Anthem?