President Elect Trump confounds mainstream media again - he isn't a comitted Republican

  • President Elect Trump confounds mainstream media again - he isn't a comitted Republican

President Elect Trump confounds mainstream media again - he isn't a comitted Republican

At the time, it was the largest advantage in the popular vote for a candidate who lost the Electoral College vote in the US presidential election.

President-elect Donald Trump, pictured November 8, 2016, won MI with more than 10,000 voters. Despite the surging popular votes of Clinton against Trump, the result is not likely to change.

In 2000, Democratic candidate, Al Gore, lost to Republican, George W. Bush despite having won 48.4 percent of the popular vote to 47.9 percent for Bush. Chants of "Lock her up" echoed throughout his campaign rallies, with Trump supporters angrily alleging corruption related to her use of a private email server while secretary of state and to foreign contributions received by the Clinton Foundation charity.

California Senator Barbara Boxer, who supported Clinton, introduced legislation last week to abolish the Electoral College, while several electors who will formally cast votes on December 19, are pushing to block Trump from winning a majority of votes, according to local media reports.

Mrs Clinton may have got the second-most amount of votes ever despite losing. Some advocates want to do away with the Electoral College entirely, while others want to reform it so that electors are bound to the national popular vote.

The group has already held a call with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to argue that while it has not found conclusive evidence of a hack, the pattern in its results merits an independent review. That happened because the Electoral College actually selects the President, not the voting public who elect members of the Electoral College who are pledged to vote for their candidate but are not required to do so.

The results were posted by Ruth Johnson, Michigan's Secretary of State, Wednesday after all the votes were reviewed and certified by Michigan's 83 county clerks Tuesday. Former Green Party candidate Jill Stein is demanding a recount.

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have not solidified their votes.

There have always been suspicions of data manipulation by electronic voting machines, partly because of anecdotal reports of error-voters claiming they cast a vote for one candidate only to see the machine record it as a vote for another-and partly because the machines are manufactured by companies run by CEOs with close ties to the Republican Party. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, has an entirely electronic voting system, with no paper ballots.

Ms Clinton has made no indication she would challenge the results and the White House is intent on a smooth transition.

A senior administration official from Obama's Office, said "Kremlin might have expected that publicity will surround among such disclosures following the Russian Government which directed e - mails from US Persons & institutions, including from the US Political Organisations, it would have precisely raised questions about integrity of the entire election process". Some activists and academics that formed a coalition are calling on US authorities to fully audit or recount the election results, particularly in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.