Trump Won Rust Belt Because Democrats Cared Little About Jobs

  • Trump Won Rust Belt Because Democrats Cared Little About Jobs

Trump Won Rust Belt Because Democrats Cared Little About Jobs

You can nearly hear the grinding of teeth here, as students look forward to a conceivable future of a strongly conservative Supreme Court, of a president with a closer bond to quasi-Tsarist Russia than to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and of continuing abuse towards minorities from those who feel emboldened by Trump's talk.

In October, when asked in a New Republic profile how uncomfortable he appeared talking about race, He answered, "OK, see, this is an issue I'm not really - what I don't want to do is get into me". Appearing on CBS This Morning, Sanders had lamented, "I come from the white working class, and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party can not talk to where I came from".

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It should have been Bernie Sanders, but then the Democrats lost because they didn't elect Bernie as a Democratic nominee.

Though Sanders and Warren have signaled they're willing to work with Trump if he actually pursues policies to "rebuild the economy for working people", as Warren recently put it, Trump's early Cabinetpicks and nods towards repealing the 2010 health care law and privatizing Medicare don't look promising for progressive Democrats. But in at least four states GOP incumbents broke free of their nominee, winning reelection by a significantly larger margin than Trump won their state: McCain and Sens. With fewer voters than ever splitting tickets among presidential candidates and down-ballot races, Democrats believed they could hitch their wagon to Clinton for victory. We're going to have very definitive legislation on infrastructure. I just couldn't because I wasn't at all surprised by the election results.

Only two Democrats in key races performed significantly better than Clinton: Evan Bayh, who got 125,000 more votes than Clinton in IN, and Jason Kander, who received about 230,00 more votes in Missouri. Frankly, it is an either/or approach that I don't think Sanders' remarks advanced.

The chairman rebuked his own party's message in comparison to Trump's: "We were so off message that a guy who ***** in gold-plated toilets is connecting with these people". They often rebutted with the colourful defence that the pro-Clinton media gave to them, not realising that Americans have been observing Clinton prior to 2015/16 and weren't fooled by the sham being fed to them for the goal of winning elections. MI is part of the rust belt, regarded as the last firewall for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. It is not good enough for someone to say, "I'm a woman, vote for me".

Bernie also did, but the DNC establishment ensured that they drowned him out for Hillary Clinton. And when he more fully explains what he meant by "going beyond" identity politics, we'll also know whether his harshest liberal critics were right all along.

Anti-establishment feelings are running sky high, making 2016 a change year and November 8 a change day. A new strategy is needed to ensure success.

And count me in as somebody who wants to see that happen.

Meanwhile, the digital firm that helped Sanders raise more than $200 million in small donations is reaching out to out-of-work Clinton staffers, and his network of progressive activists is gearing up to resist Trump's policies. And from Clinton's paid ads, maybe half were focused on Donald Trump, so right there. even more ads unpaid for. "They stole it [the candidacy] from Bernie", thundered another protester, who warily gave his name as John. Most voters think the person they favor won, Gurian said.

Moving forward, United States of America and the world must accept that Donald Trump is president-elect and will quite possibly make a better president than Hillary Clinton ever would. But, did they bring this situation on themselves?