Gov. McCrory files for recount against Roy Cooper in gubernatori

  • Gov. McCrory files for recount against Roy Cooper in gubernatori

Gov. McCrory files for recount against Roy Cooper in gubernatori

Marc Elias, a lawyer for Cooper, said it is "beyond unlikely" McCrory could prevail in a recount.

And Governor Pat McCrory officially filed a statewide recount Tuesday morning alongside candidate for state auditor Chuck Stuber. He said the recount would not occur until after the county boards of election certify their results.

Either candidate can demand a recount if the margin is 10,000 or less after all votes have been counted and certified by county parties. The campaign has formally requested the State Board of Elections take jurisdiction over the varying complaints to individual county boards in order to prevent inconsistencies and more efficiently process reports.

His Democratic challenger, Roy Cooper, has a narrow but unofficial lead.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper's team now says he is beating Gov. Furthermore, many of McCrory's own Republican appointees serving on local county election boards have rejected his complaints.

What does that mean moving forward for North Carolina?

A federal appeals court restored same-day registration earlier this year when it struck down parts of a wide-ranging elections law passed by the state's GOP-controlled legislature.

Nearly two weeks have passed since Election Day, and the Tar Heel state still can't be certain who its governor will be on inauguration day in January. It is highly unlikely a recount and legal maneuvering will change the election outcome.

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, however, is digging in for a long battle.

Mr Cooper is already calling himself governor-elect in press releases and has set up a website to collect resumes for leadership positions in his administration. McCrory's campaign has argued that many votes are illegitimate and filed protests in 52 of the state's 100 counties, including Lee County. But the legitimacy of the voting process is essentially being called into question, which in turn will lead to questions about the legitimacy of Cooper's office, if the results stand. "Gov. McCrory's last resort has been to attack legitimate North Carolina voters in a shameful attempt to undermine the results of an election he lost". "McCrory needs to be a statesman and do what the voters wanted and concede this race".

A State Board of Elections review of 2012 voter registrations found that 2.44 percent of voters who used same-day registration did not pass the mail verification process - but that process sometimes wasn't finished when the voters' ballots were counted. "Despite partisan lines, we want to make sure the man with the most votes wins this election, and it's a shame that Roy Cooper doesn't want the same." .