Pelosi backs expanding Dem leadership positions in House

  • Pelosi backs expanding Dem leadership positions in House

Pelosi backs expanding Dem leadership positions in House

The Ohio Democrat dismissed Pelosi's assurances that she had enough votes to defeat an insurgency against her leadership. "And we've got a lot of talented members who've been there six, 10 years and would like to have an opportunity to contribute more".

Ryan asked rhetorically, calling for a change in the economic message to pull disenfranchised voters back into the Democratic Party.

"I mean, we lost 68 seats since 2010, we have the lowest number we've had in our caucus since 1929".

Republicans now control the House, the Senate, and the executive branch. The Democratic whip, Steny Hoyer, is 77, and No. 3 on the leadership team, Jim Clyburn, is 76.

"Over the last 18 years, Democrats have only been in the majority of the House of Representatives for two terms", he wrote in a letter to colleagues.

Now, Pelosi is proposing to keep that office, but make it a position elected by the entire caucus, limiting the potential leaders of it to those Democrats who have served five terms or less. Then, the second issue, let me say it: Even if Hillary Clinton had won, I still think it's imperative to have an investigation into the fact that a foreign government had influence in our election. She offered a proposal to make the position of assistant to the minority leader - now held by Representative James Clyburn, 76, of SC - open only to members who have served fewer than three terms, once Clyburn leaves the job.

Perlmutter, recently re-elected to his sixth term, said he had nothing against Pelosi or current leadership, but the results of the November 8 election - which saw Hillary Clinton lose swing states such as OH and Pennsylvania to Donald Trump - were enough to convince him a change was needed. The debate about Pelosi's record, according to Kennedy, was more of a reaction to the shock Election Day loss, an not an indictment of her history.

"I have such overwhelming support", said Pelosi.

The veteran California lawmaker warned that President-elect Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan would be seriously overpaying their hands if they try to tamper with the nation's premier health care programs for seniors.

Barrow, who twice voted against Pelosi to lead the House Democrats, was a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, the shrinking group of conservative/centrist House Democrats. She has been the Democratic leader since January 2003. "And she does stuff that's tough, not just stuff that's easy".

"As the Democratic caucus thinks about the future he's forcing them to think about who will lead the party in 2020 and beyond", Rosenthal said.